Definition for Part (-s)

part (-s), n. [see part, adv.] (webplay: armies, bear, being, danger, endowments, given, God, gold, grew, griefs, immortal, joys, life, lose, mingled, moon, motion, nature, number, oftener, piece, side, small part, sort, soul, stone, stood, strain, strongly, sun, vital, whole).

  1. Portion; fraction; component; piece of the whole.
  2. Role; participation; share.
  3. Group; number of persons; subset of all people.
  4. Step; maneuver; dance movement.
  5. Side.
  6. Quality; attribute; characteristic; trait.
  7. Inadequate substitute; poor imitation; [fig.] human companionship as compared with the presence of God; mortal existence in relationship to immortality.

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