Definition for Partake (-n, -s, partook)

partake (-n, -s, partook), v. [ME; see part, adv. and take, v.] (webplay: accuse, bear, break, bounties, consecrated bread, crumb, day, depart, distinct, estate, Gentiles, gold, immortal, logical part, look, moon, narrow, nature, night, perceptible, possession, powers, question, remote part, situated, small part, strongly, truest, truth, whole, won).

  1. Ingest; consume; eat; take into the body.
  2. Enjoy; participate in; have a share in.
  3. Collect pollen; [fig.] enjoy flowers with all the senses.
  4. Share; eat together; have in common; [fig.] experience as a sacrament.

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