Definition for Pass (-ed, -es, -ing, past)

pass (-ed, -es, -ing, past), v. [Fr. pass-er, see pass, n.] (webplay: air, allow, approve, assembled, attempt, away, bear, between, beyond, bird, book, bounds, bring, carriage, clause, clouds, cold, color, come, company, conduct, continuing, convenient, cross, dark, day, decay, depart, die, disappear, earth, eloquence, ended, entrance, escape, event, extreme, extremity, eye, fit, flag, flower, foot, forms, fraudulently, future, go, God, grace, guest, hall, heart, help, hinderance, holding, horseback, hour, house, idleness, journeys, king, lamb, land, license, life, light, limit, lost, man, manner, mention, miles, mind, mountain, narrow, near, neglected, night, notice, offer, open, out of reach, overlook, owner, pass away, passing fair, passing strange, past cure or help, paying, permission, place, pomp, prayers, present, proceed, providential, push, reach, ready, reply, residence, river, road, rope, run, sailing, seas, season, sentence, shame, ship, side, sight, sleep, south, spent, spring, step, stood, sun, time, town, travel, trick, try, votes, wait, walk, waste, water, wine).

  1. Go by; move near and beyond.
  2. Move; proceed; travel.
  3. Move on; cross over a boundary; make a transition beyond what is known.
  4. Die; transcend mortality; depart from mortal existence; move to another state of being.
  5. Encounter; experience; come in contact with.
  6. Disappear; vanish; depart.
  7. Overcome; surmount.
  8. Expire; elapse.
  9. Surpass; exceed.
  10. Be mistaken; be wrongly considered.
  11. Spend; live through; while away.
  12. Grow; sprout; bloom; blossom; develop; push upward.
  13. Give; hand; bestow; confer.
  14. Move through [a crowd.]
  15. Happen; occur; come; approach; draw near.
  16. Make it through successfully; be allowed to proceed; be approved by a judge in a trial.
  17. Phrase. “In passing”: while moving by; nonchalantly.
  18. Phrase. “Pass away”: die; come to an end; vanish.
  19. Phrase. “Pass by”: go past; move near and beyond.
  20. Phrase. “Pass on”: proceed; continue; leave.
  21. Phrase. "Pass out of": delete from; remove from; take away from.

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