Definition for Perfect (-er, -est)

perfect (-er, -est), adj. [ME < OFr parfit < L. perfect-um, accomplished, performed, completed.] (webplay: becoming, Being, consummate, distinct, endowment, excellence, flower, full, heart, heaven, highest, holiness, imitate, infinite, leave, life, love, nature, new, powers, soul, species, supreme, wanting, worth).

  1. Immortal; eternal; everlasting; perpetual; holy; celestial.
  2. Exactly like; extremely similar to; closely imitating.
  3. Pure; clean; unblemished; flawless.
  4. Divine; supremely holy; all-powerful.
  5. Full; whole; completely illuminated.
  6. Complete; thorough.
  7. Entire; total; absolute.
  8. Consummate; final; crowning; culminating; climactic.
  9. Excellent; wonderful; lacking nothing.

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