Definition for Plain (-er)

plain (-er), adj. [OFr < L. plān-us, flat.] (webplay: bright, children, discovered, grace, high, inequalities, luxuriously, man, obscure, plain words, road, seen, shortness, simple, speech, straight).

  1. Common; unsophisticated; artless; ignorant; awkward; manifesting lack of experience in worldly matters.
  2. Smooth; unbroken.
  3. Unclouded; unconfused.
  4. Unornamented; undecorated; unembellished; uninteresting, monotonous, ordinary.
  5. Pure; solid; untinted by other colors.
  6. Mere; bare.
  7. Obvious; evident; clear; visible.
  8. Honest; frank; undisguised.

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