Definition for Plead (-ed, -ing, -s)

plead (-ed, -ing, -s), v. [ME plaiden < OFr plaid-ier, go to law, sue, plead; see plea, n. and please, v.] (webplay: bargain, entreaty, excuse, life, proof, right).

  1. Entreat; beg for relief; [fig.] indicate severe pain; make a signal of distress; [adverbial] pathetically; pitifully.
  2. Petition; make an earnest request; [fig.] negotiate; barter; try to make a deal.
  3. Supplicate; implore.
  4. Wheedle; cajole; coax; talk sweetly; make an appeal; present requests in a pleasant tone of voice; [fig.] sigh; “ooh” and “ah”; vocalize without words.
  5. Pray; worship; kneel in prayer; bow in reverence; address a Deity.
  6. Beg; whine; cry; wail; moan; [fig.] insist plaintively.
  7. Argue; reason; insist; assert; rationalize; state as justification.

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