Definition for Please (-d, -s)

please (-d, -s), v. [ME plaise < L. plac─ôre, to be pleasing or agreeable.] (webplay: choose, condescend, content, dull, dwell, eye, friend, gay, good, grace, heart's desire, joy, landscape, like, lords, meet, men-pleasers, please God, sailing, saying, show, sight, sounds, taste, view, worldly).

  1. Satisfy; content; interest; delight; make happy.
  2. Allow; grant; permit; make possible.
  3. Deign; condescend.
  4. Have mercy; show compassion.
  5. Desire; want; like; choose; prefer.
  6. Suit, be appropriate (for); be fitting (for).
  7. Excite; [fig.] ripple; agitate; disturb.

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