Definition for Power

power, n. [ME < AFr < Late L. pot─ôre, to be able.] (webplay: adequate, ample, arising, being, cause, celestial, change, darkness, death, divinity, dominion, emperor, exist, fear, force, God, gold, great, hand, heaven, holding, large, lifting, light, make, man, misery, practice, prince, proceeds, remember, see, silent, smaller, sovereign, speak, strength, subjects, thing, think, torments, weak, will, wind, word, work).

  1. Ability; capacity; capability; skill; aptitude.
  2. Strength; might; stamina; endurance; fortitude; [fig.] will; courage; heart; spirit; determination.
  3. Influence; ability to affect; capacity to impact.
  4. Force; violence; aggression.
  5. Fuel; energy source.
  6. Life force; potential to live, die, and resurrect from the dead.
  7. [Fig.] God; omnipotent being; supremely divine entity.
  8. [Fig.] Satan; tempter; deceiver; temptation; enticement.
  9. [Fig.] means; way; method; process.

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