Definition for Prove (-d, proving, -s)

prove (-d, proving, -s), v. [OFr < L. probāre, test the goodness of a thing, try, approve, make good, prove, demonstrate < prob-us, good.] (webplay: accused, being, brow, conclusions, declaration, fate, found, God, lesser, measure, men, obedience, pierce, power, propositions, quality, show, solidity, strength, suffering, suit, test, truth, try, unknown).

  1. Confirm; affirm; substantiate; support; demonstrate the validity of; show to be correct; find to be true; provide evidence for; establish as fact the existence of.
  2. Convince; assure; persuade; induce to believe.
  3. Turn out to be; be found to be.
  4. Ascertain; identify; find; discover; detect; demonstrate to exist; show the location or existence of with certainty.
  5. Test; try.
  6. Undergo; experience; suffer.
  7. [Fig.] appear; materialize; manifest; show up; come into view.

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