Definition for Array (-s)

array (-s), n. [AngFr < OFr. 'make ready', 'put in order'.] (webplay: fine, man, place, see).

  1. Clothing; attire; apparel; raiment; costume; presentation of fine jewelry.
  2. Panorama; scene; exhibition; presentation; production; show; impressive display; [fig.] beauty of nature; colorful sunset or sunrise.
  3. Armada; battleship formation; display of force; arrangement in military lines; exhibition of a navy ready for confrontation; [fig.] dramatically colorful sunset patterns.
  4. Appearance; [fig.] petals; blossom; bloom; flower; (see Luke 12:27).
  5. Phrase. “One in the red array”: glorious morning of the resurrection; [fig.] Christ, who will descend in robes of red in the Second Coming; (see Isaiah 63:2); the Lord, as “the bright and morning star”; (see Revelation 22:6).

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