Definition for All

all, adj. [Germanic all; origin uncertain.] (webplay: all along, all the cattle in Egypt died, all the just, all the land, all the years, all things, all thy goods, although, better, citizen, course, dear, degree, desired, difference, ended, entire, every, father, flock, forever, friend, great, heal, held, just, labor, land, large, long, love, moment, nest, number, parallel, part, perfect, person, qualify, safety, same, signification, shake, stake, sum, tree, wealth, whole, wind).

  1. Every; each.
  2. Every one of; the entire number of; the whole quantity of.
  3. The embodiment of.
  4. The entirety of (the); the whole of (the).
  5. Phrase. “All the”: the only; the sole.
  6. Phrase. “All the while”: the entire time.
  7. Phrase. “All the”: enough; sufficient; ample; adequate.

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