Definition for All

all, adv. [see all, adj.] (webplay: all along, cattle, citizen, difference, disposition, entire, every, heal, held, land, long, love, nest, part, tree, wind).

  1. Much; a great deal.
  2. Completely; entirely; fully; utterly.
  3. Only; solely; just.
  4. The entire way; the whole length.
  5. Phrase. “At all”: in any way; to any degree; in the least.
  6. Phrase. “All along”: continually; perpetually; constantly; always; throughout life; the entire time.
  7. Phrase. “All around/abroad”: in every direction; on every side.
  8. Phrase. “All the more”: even more; to a greater degree.
  9. Phrase. “At all”: whatever; whatsoever; of any kind.
  10. Phrase. “All but”: nearly; almost; well nigh; everything short of.
  11. Phrase. “At all”: even; ever; in the first place.

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