Definition for All (-'s)

all (-'s), n. [see all, adj.] (webplay: better, course, degree, desired, died, difference, ended, enlarge, entire, every, father, fed, forever, friend, great, held, just, land, large, long, love, moment, part, perfect, signification, stake, strength, sum, tree, wealth, whole, wind, year).

  1. Fortune; huge amount; high stakes; entire sum gambled for in a game of chance.
  2. The only thing; the sole item; the whole issue.
  3. The entire amount; the grand total.
  4. Every other one.
  5. Eternity.
  6. Everyone; each one; each living being; every person or creature.
  7. Riches; wealth.
  8. Everything.
  9. The only creatures; the only ones.
  10. Phrase. “After all”: truly; actually; in reality; in the end; when everything is said and done.

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