Definition for Seal (-s)

seal (-s), n. [OFr < L. sigillum, small picture, engraved figure.] (webplay: confirmation, engraved).

  1. Retainer; protective label that shuts, confines, or secures; marker that fastens something private, secret, sacred, or confidential; fastener for a door or storehouse in the absence of the lord; adhesive substance fixed on a closed door so that one cannot open it without the owner knowing; [fig.] divine barrier on the door into the next life; means of access into the presence of Deity; large stone that blocked the entrance to Christ's tomb (see Matthew 27:60).
  2. Ice; frozen organisms.
  3. Token; emblem; symbol of a covenant; official sign or ring; authoritative mark or signature; signet ring of a monarch for making covenants or finalizing legal documents; mark or name on the forehead of the righteous (see Revelation 7:31, 9:4, 14:1, 22:4).
  4. Phrase. “the Keeper of the Seal”: the Lord; the living Christ; He who has the sealing power; (see NW 1844: in Great Britain, the keeper of the great seal is a lord who deals with all royal grants, commissions, and charters).

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