Definition for She ('d, 's)

she ('d, 's), pron. [prob. OE séo; perhaps < Heb.; third person singular feminine nominative referent; see also her, her's, and herself.]

  1. [With adjectival prepositional phrase] Emily.
  2. [Used to represent neuter things, such as a boat, ship, etc.] it.
  3. [Represents a flower that is not named in the text] it.
  4. [Refers to a butterfly] it.
  5. [Refers to a bird] it.
  6. [Used to represent and personify a season of the year, such as spring or summer] it.
  7. [Used to represent and personify abstractions, such as the soul, conscience, time, fate, and hope] it.
  8. [Used to represent plant life as a female human being] it.
  9. [Refers to a cat or leopard] it.
  10. [Used to name a female persona that has no antecedent in the text] it.
  11. [Used to represent and personify natural objects or phenomena, such as dawn, morning, rainbow, and moon] it.
  12. [Refers to the female being mentioned in the text] the girl; the young woman.
  13. [Refers to the speaker of the poem] Emily Dickinson.
  14. [Used to represent Nature which is personified as a female being] it.

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