Definition for Simple (-er, -est)

simple (-er, -est), adj. [OFr < L. sem-, 'one' + -plicāre, 'fold'.]

  1. Small; less than ten; of little worth.
  2. Basic; primary; uncomplicated; not elaborate.
  3. Austere; severe; stark.
  4. Common; humble; lowly; modest; plain; unpretentious; undistinguished; unsophisticated; not royal; free from ostentation.
  5. Tiny; minor; capillary.
  6. Easy; somewhat bearable; not so difficult.
  7. Artless; innocent; seamless.
  8. Weak; childish; less experienced.
  9. Pure; clear; untainted.
  10. Regular; normal; prosaic; literal; expository; [fig.] non-poetic; non-metrical; non-lyrical.
  11. Fundamental; easy to recognize; hard to ignore.
  12. Maiden; smooth; unspoiled.
  13. Free; unencumbered; natural; unaffected; not artificial.
  14. Ordinary; not further distinguished in quality.
  15. Flat; one-sided; one-dimensional.
  16. Ignorant; foolish; unsuspecting.
  17. Undecorated; unadorned.
  18. Lone; single; solitary; by itself; with nothing added.

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