Definition for Sleep (-s, -ing, slept)

sleep (-s, -ing, slept), v. [OE slápan.] (webplay: awake, dead, heavy, lay, live, night, rafter, rest, state, strength, time).

  1. Rest; lie down; [fig.] remain dead; stay lifeless; continue to be buried underground awaiting the resurrection.
  2. Recline; repose; [fig.] lie still; maintain a dormant state as a plant.
  3. Slumber; lie down with closed eyes; rest in a state of suspended animation.
  4. Phrase. “go/went to sleep”: nap; slumber.
  5. Phrase. “go/gone to sleep”: die; expire; change from this life to the next.
  6. Phrase. “lay to sleep”: inter; bury in the ground after death; [fig.] cover a plant with dirt at the end of the growing season.
  7. Phrase. “go to sleep”: lose consciousness; slip into a coma.

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