Definition for Slip (-ped, -ping, -s, slipt)

slip (-ped, -ping, -s, slipt), v. [MLG 'slide, glide'.] (webplay: away, bank, between, foot, gradual, hand, held, pass, play, river, smooth, stem, stepping, twigs).

  1. Move; leave; depart; walk away.
  2. Steal; glide; shift into place.
  3. Fall; drop; slide.
  4. Trip; stumble; step unsteadily; nearly fall; [fig.] let go; give up; experience a setback; be unable to hold on.
  5. Escape; evade; elude; bypass; surpass; break free from; [phrase “slipped it's limit”] die; pass away; transcend mortality; cross over to eternity.
  6. Stagger down; sink gradually.
  7. Pass; turn; slink; change gradually.
  8. Descend; [fig.] die.
  9. Step; sneak.
  10. Phrase. “slip away”: vanish; disappear; [fig.] die.
  11. Phrase. “slip away”: pass out of sight; [fig.] disappear on the horizon as the sun sets.

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