Definition for Stay (-ed, -ing, -s)

stay (-ed, -ing, -s), v. [L. stāre, to stand.]

  1. Withstand; defy; resist; restrain; delay; hold back; keep from proceeding.
  2. Last; endure; continue a long time.
  3. Abide; tarry; not return.
  4. Set; place; rest; stand.
  5. Sit; pause; hesitate.
  6. Settle; sink in; pile up in layers.
  7. Remain; stick around; refuse to leave.
  8. Survive; live through winter; do not migrate to warmer lands; [fig.] keep living; do not yet die.
  9. Linger; dally; spend time.
  10. Dwell; exist; [fig.] be hung; be secured; be displayed; be fixed permanently.
  11. Stop; halt; check; arrest; make cease; [fig.] drown.
  12. Support; hold; sustain; back; endorse.
  13. Keep burning; [fig.] remain alive.
  14. Phrase. “stay away”: forbear; abstain; not come near; desist from arriving; refrain from approaching.

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