Lexicon: ungrasp – unit

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ungrasp (-ed), v. [see grasp, v.] (webplay: reach).

Not seized; not taken hold of.

unheard, adv. [see hear, v.] (webplay: ear).

Unheeded; ignored; unnoticed.

unheard, v. [see hear, v.] (webplay: ear, feel).

Not perceived audibly.

unhelped, verbal adj. [see help, v.]

Unaided; not relieved; not given assistance.

unhook (-ed), v. [see hook, v.]

Loosen; unfasten; release.

uniform (-s), n. [Fr. < L. unus + forma, one form.]

Suit; formal robe; ceremonial clothing; identical clothing worn by soldiers.

unimpeachable, verbal adj. [see impeach, v.]

Exempt; not susceptible; not accountable; cannot be called into question.

unintending, verbal adj. [see intend, v.]

Innocent; guileless; not meaning to influence.

unique, adj. [Fr < L. ūnic-us, alone of its kind.]

Extraordinary; uncommon; unequaled.

unit (-s), n. [L. ūn-us, one.] (webplay: least, one, single, thing).

  1. Dwelling place; [fig.] library shelf.
  2. Single entity.