Lexicon: unite – unladen

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unite, v. [L. ūnīre, to join together.] (webplay: one, orderly).

Join; connect; bring together.

unity, n. [Fr. < L. ūnitās, oneness.] (webplay: God, one, soul, time).

Oneness; wholeness.

universe (-'s), n. [Fr. < L. ūnus + versus, one whole turn, or revolution.] (webplay: create, earth, heaven, heavenly, heavens, thing, things).

  1. Entirety; whole of existence.
  2. Everyone; everybody; all people everywhere; every inhabitant in the world.
  3. Existence; infinity; eternity.
  4. Domain; dominion; realm; sphere.
  5. Creation; everything that exists; unseen divine beings.
  6. Heaven; firmament; [fig.] supreme being; deity; God.
  7. Multitude of creatures; group of countless inhabitants.
  8. Natural law; order of the solar systems, galaxies, and so forth.

unjaded, verbal adj. [see jaded, verbal adj.]

Untired; unwearied; not fatigued; not cynical; still believing; [fig.] bold; undeterred; not intimidated.

unkind, adj. [see kind, adj.]

Mean; unfeeling; hurtful.

unknit (unknot), v. [see knit, v.]

Relax; unravel; open; loosen.

unknowing, verbal adj. [see know, v.] (webplay: facts, know).

Ignorant; oblivious; unmindful; not aware of the existence of something or someone; [fig.] static; insensate.

unknown (-s), n. [see know, v.] (webplay: ignorant, knowing, recollecting, remembered, stranger's, truth).

Mystery; that which is not understood; that which is not yet revealed.

unknown, verbal adj. [see know, v.] (webplay: actual, clearer, design, fact, greater, have, ignorant, know, known, remembrance, strangers, truth, without).

  1. Not previously encountered; not before seen.
  2. Unaware; unsuspecting; unconscious; ignorant.
  3. Mysterious; undisclosed; not presently understood; not yet comprehended.
  4. Foreign; unfamiliar; distant.
  5. Common; forgotten; obscure; unrecognized; unrenowned; not famous.
  6. Nonexistent; unimaginable; incomprehensible; not found.
  7. Unforeseen; unexpected.

unladen, v. [see lade, v.] (webplay: cargo).

Unloaded; removed.