Lexicon: unnumbered – unprepared

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unnumbered, verbal adj. [see number, v.] (webplay: speak).

  1. Countless; uncountable; innumerable; too numerous to tell.
  2. Priceless; invaluable; inestimable; incomparable; nonpareil; matchless; beyond compare; one of a kind.

unobserved, verbal adv. [see observe, v.]

Secretly; surreptitiously; unseen; undetected; without anyone noticing.

unobtained, verbal adj. [see obtain, v.]

Circumscribed; not achieved; out of reach.

unobtrusive, adj. [see obtrude, v.]

  1. Discrete; not interfering; not attracting attention; remaining in the background; [fig.] polite; genteel; mannerly.
  2. Hidden; not obvious; not mentioned.
  3. Invisible; inconspicuous; atypical.

unopened, verbal adj. [see open, v.]

Unexamined; unused; closed; not read; not yet experienced.

unpaid, verbal adj. [see pay, v.]

Unfulfilled; undischarged; owed; outstanding.

unperceived, verbal adj. [see perceive, v.]

  1. Invisible; hidden; not obvious; out of sight.
  2. Imaginary; metaphorical; not perceptible.

unperverted, verbal adj. [Fr. < L. pervert-ěre, to turn the wrong way, error, or corrupt.]

Pure; clear; apparent; steady; sure; on track; not digressing; not diverging from the moral way.

unplausible, adj. [see plausible, adj.]

Unbelievable; incredible; doubtful; unreasonable; unconvincing; questionable; improbable; dumbfounding.

unprepared, verbal adj. [see prepare, v.]

Unready; hesitating; awkward; not fitted by previous measures.