Lexicon: unpretending – unrelieved

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unpretending, verbal adj. [L. prætend-ěre, to stretch forth; see pretense, n.]

Unassuming; simple; not claiming distinction.

unpretension, n. [see unpretending, adj.]

Bluntness; simplicity; stark truth.

unproved, verbal adj. [see prove, v.]

Untried; new; untested; not demonstrated to be true.

unpuzzled, verbal adj. [see puzzle, v.]

Understanding; uncomplicated.

unqualified, verbal adj. [see qualify, v.]

Incompetent; incapable; unworthy; not endowed with specific qualities.

unquestionably, verbal adv. [see question, v.]

Decidedly; indisputably; trustfully.

unreality, n. [see reality, n.]

Illusion; fantasy; want of real existence.

unrealized, verbal adj. [Fr. réaliser, to make real.]

Unfulfilled; unattempted; not experienced.

unrecorded, verbal adv. [see record, v.]

Unnoticed; unlamented; unmourned.

unrelieved, verbal adj. [see relieve, v.]

Undiminished; monotonous; not aided; not succored; not relieved from distress.