Lexicon: unreluctantly – unshaded

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unreluctantly, adv. [see reluctant, adj.]

Willingly; compliantly; agreeably; acquiescently; by choice; without hesitation.

unremembered, verbal adj. [see remember, v.]

Forgotten; not recollected.

unremitting, verbal adj. [see remit, v.]

Ceaseless; continuous.

unreported, verbal adj. [see report, v.]

Indescribable; unseen; not visibly manifest; of the spirit world.

unrevealed, verbal adj. [see reveal, v.]

Untold; unknown; obscure.

unroll (-ed, -s), v. [see roll, v.]

  1. Unfurl; unfold; spread out; [fig.] reveal; display; expose to view; bring to light.
  2. Extend; put out; stretch forth.
  3. Offer; proffer; tender; endow; invest; bequeath; open like a scroll to show.
  4. Unveil; uncover; bring out.
  5. Open formally; display incrementally; unfold section by section; [fig.] present sunset colors ray by ray.

unsanctified, verbal adj. [see sanctify, v.]

Impure; unfit; unholy.

unscrutinized, verbal adj. [see scrutinize, v.]

Unexamined; unseen; undiscovered; unobserved.

unseen, verbal adv. [see see, v.]

  1. Unnoticed; not perceived; [fig.] not believed in.
  2. Undetected; without observation; [fig.] quietly; without visible signs of dying.

unshaded, verbal adj. [see shade, n.]

Bare; naked; unveiled; vulnerable; without protection; fully exposed to light.