Lexicon: unsuspecting – until

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unsuspecting, verbal adj. [see suspect, v.]

  1. Gullible; artless; natural; unwary; unworldly; [fig.] green.
  2. Unaware; not recognizing; not realizing an opportunity.
  3. Oblivious; incognizant; uninformed.

unsuspended, verbal adj. [see suspend, v.]

Continuous; uninterrupted; nonstop.

unsuspicious, adj. [see suspicion, n.]

Innocent; trusting.

unsustained, v. [see sustain, v.]

Not supported; not kept alive.

unsustained, verbal adj. [see sustain, v.]

Dead; expired; unsupported.

untarnished, verbal adj. [see tarnish, v.]

Untainted; unstained; unfaded.

untenable, adj. [OFr < L. ten-─ôre, to hold.]

Senseless; unsupported; foolish.

unthinking, verbal adj. [see think, v.]

Thoughtless; oblivious.

untie (-d, -s), v. [see tie, v.]

  1. Unleash; release; loose; liberate; emancipate; let go from a constraint; set free from a rope.
  2. Undo; reverse; resolve; repeal; rescind.

until, prep. [ME < ON und, as far as + till, to, to a point.]

  1. Up to the time that.
  2. Only up to.
  3. Right up to.
  4. Before.
  5. Unless.
  6. To the point that; to the extent that.