Lexicon: unto – unvarying

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unto (un to), prep. [by analogy with until.]

  1. In.
  2. To.
  3. Toward; in the direction of.
  4. In behalf of; for the sake of; (see Matthew 25:40 “Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren ye have done it unto me”).
  5. With.
  6. For.
  7. On.
  8. According to.
  9. In relation to.
  10. Of.
  11. Up to.
  12. Into.

untold, verbal adj. [see tell, v.] (webplay: say, talk, unfold).

  1. Unmeasured; immense; vast.
  2. Not uttered; not revealed; not communicated to others.

untouched, verbal adj. [see touch, v.] (webplay: go, light, stone, years).

Not reached; not harmed; not affected physically.

untoward, adj. [see toward, adv.] (webplay: left behind).

Awkward; ungraceful; unpredictable.

untravelled, verbal adj. [see travel, v.] (webplay: foot).

Unseen; undiscovered; not journeyed over; not yet explored.

untraversed, verbal adj. [see traverse, v.]

Unfamiliar; uncharted; not crossed; not yet known.

untumbled, v. [see tumble, v.]

Undiscovered; untrammeled; not disturbed; not opened.

untwist, v. [see twist, v.]

Unwind; loosen; separate; open; lose the grip of.

unused, verbal adj. [see use, v.]

Phrase. “Unused to”: unfamiliar with; not accustomed to.

unvarying, verbal adj. [see vary, v.] (webplay: according, never).

Uniform; unwavering; not altering.