Lexicon: unveil – up

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unveil, v. [see veil, n. and vail, v.]

Reveal; uncover; make visible; disclose to view.

unvisited, verbal adj. [see visit, v.]

Not frequented; deprived of guests; not receiving visitors.

unwearied, verbal adv. [see weary, v.] (webplay: long).

  1. Constantly; ceaselessly.
  2. Tirelessly; not fatigued.

unwhole, adj. [see whole, adj.] (webplay: heart).

Broken; incomplete; missing someone; lacking an important element.

unwilling, verbal adj. [see willing, verbal adj.]

Reluctant; unrelenting; [word play] dispassionate; unfeeling; not having human will.

unwind (-s), v. [OE unwindan, onwindan, to untwist, disentangle.] (webplay: ball).

  1. Untwist; loosen; uncoil; secrete as a thread; exude as a strand for making a web.
  2. Unfurl; roll out; stretch forth; [fig.] set free.

unwitnessed, verbal adj. [see witness, v.]

Not seen; not proven; not experienced physically.

unworthy, adj. [see worthy, adj.]

  1. Lowly; humble; of common status.
  2. Not deserving; not meriting [conventionally or devotionally used as an expression of humility.]

up, adj. [see up, adv.]

  1. Evident; manifest; apparent; [fig.] shining; giving light; full of sunshine.
  2. Awake; alert; alive; not sleeping; out of bed.

up, adv. [OE upp, up.]

  1. Vertically; in vertical motion.
  2. Above; on high.
  3. Wholly; totally; completely [particle intensifier.]
  4. Away; in their place; not in view.
  5. Phrase. “Put up”: post; place; position above; station on high.
  6. Phrase. “Gave up”: abandon; forsake; relinquish; surrender; yield.
  7. Phrase. “Reckoned up”: resurrected; raised from death to new life; restored from below to above the ground.
  8. Phrase. “Take … up”: remove; rescue.
  9. Phrase. “Go/went up”: die; expire; perish; pass away
  10. Phrase. “Take/took up”: gather; collect; assemble; pack; bundle to carry.
  11. Phrase. “Rise/risen up”: stand; arise; get to one's feet; move from sitting to upright position.
  12. Phrase. “Shut … up”: enclose; confine; capture; detain.
  13. Phrase. “Pluck up”: remove; pull out.
  14. Phrase. “Break up”: unsettle; destabilize; cause to lose balance.
  15. Phrase. “Struck up”: arise; appear in; come out above; [fig.] decorate; embellish; shine forth from.
  16. Phrase. “Put up”: withdraw; cease from; stop using.
  17. Phrase. “Fold/folding up”: constrain; encumber; shut down.
  18. Phrase. “Put … up”: close; shut.
  19. Phrase. “Pick up”: find; obtain; collect; gather; [fig.] smell; sense; perceive; catch the scent of.
  20. Phrase. “Loop up”: decorate; festoon; adorn; embellish.
  21. Phrase. “Take/taking up”: lift; elevate; take from off the ground; [fig.] select; choose; profess; defend; proclaim; champion; espouse; support.
  22. Phrase. “Light/lit up”: shine upon; [fig.] enlighten; illuminate; inspire.