Lexicon: unacknowledged – unattempted

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unacknowledged, verbal adj. [see acknowledge, v.]

Unknown; unclaimed; unrecognized; disavowed; not owned; not received; [fig.] maiden; virgin; unwed; without a husband; not having known a man physically.

unadorned, verbal adj. [see adorn, v.] (webplay: beautiful).

Plain; simple; modest; undecorated; unornamented; unembellished.

unafraid, adj. [see afraid, adj.]

Unfearing; undaunted; undismayed; without anxiety; [adverbial] boldly; calmly; fearlessly.

unaided, verbal adj. [see aid, v.] (webplay: makes).

Unassisted; [adverbial] single-handedly; without help.

unaltered, verbal adj. [see alter, v.] (webplay: alien).

Unchanged; consistent; the same.

unannointed, verbal adj. [ED spelling of “unanointed”; OFr < L. inung-ěre, smear.] (webplay: king).

  1. Not anointed with oil; not prepared for coronation; not ceremonially set apart as royalty by having been washed, clothed, and anointed with oil; [fig.] common; ordinary; every day.
  2. Unannealed; not aneled; without the use of oil in heating metal to a bending point in the refining process; [fig.] raw; natural; unrefined.
  3. Not having the received the extreme unction; not having the final rights of the Catholic church; not touched with oil in the places on the face associated with the five senses.

unanswering, verbal adj. [see answer, v.] (webplay: face, opposite, answer).

Unresponsive; not giving; not replying; not returning; [fig.] too distant for communication.

unapproached, verbal adj. [see approach, v.]

Matchless; unique; inimitable; unrivaled; unequaled; singular; remarkable; one and only.

unarmed, verbal adj. [see arm, n.] (webplay: body).

Vulnerable; weaponless; empty-handed; [adverbial] defenselessly; without protection.

unattempted, verbal adj. [see attempt, v.]

Untested; untried; unproven; undisturbed; against which no attack has been made.