Lexicon: up – upper

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up, prep. [see up, adv.]

  1. From lower to higher on.
  2. Forward in; forth through.
  3. Into; forward in.

upborne, verbal adj. [up- + OE ber-an, to support, sustain; see bear, v.]

Lifted; elevated; ascended; risen.

upbraid (-s), v. [up- + OE bregdan, to bring forward for reproach]

Reproach; reprove; censure; reprimand; find fault with; (see James 1:5).

upheld, v. [see uphold, v.]

uphold (upheld), v. [see hold, v.]

Suspended; supported; sustained; kept in place.

upholsterer (upholst'rer), n. [ME; see uphold, v.]

Carpet layer; interior decorator; master of fabrics; one skilled in floor coverings; [fig.] force that scatters pine needles on surfaces under the trees.

uplift (-s), v. [see lift, v.]

Elevate; raise; produce; lift up; bring forth.

upon (opon), adv. [see upon, prep.]

  1. About; over; with attention to.
  2. At; toward; in the direction of.

upon (opon), prep. [ME; see up, adv. + on, adv.]

  1. On; using; standing upward with.
  2. On; in contact with; at the point of.
  3. Affecting; opposing; up against; grating on.
  4. During.

upper, adj. [OE upp + -er; see up.]

  1. Above; higher; superior.
  2. Exposed; open to the air.
  3. Uppity; exalted; elevated; high class.
  4. Phrase. “Upper Floor”: level above water; surface of the sea.