Lexicon: upright – use

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upright, adj. [OE uppriht; see up and right.]

Erect; vertical; normal.

upset, v. [WFris opsette.]

Overturn; capsize; tip over.

urchin (-'s), n. [ONF herichon.]

Minor; youngster; poor child.

urge (-ed,-ing), v. [L. urgē-re, press, drive, compel.]

Impel; push; encourage.

urgency, n. [L. urgentia.]

Zeal; haste; over eagerness; too persistent desire.

urgent, adj. [Fr. urgent.]

Insistent; critical; pressing; serious; needy; importunate; unseasonable.

urn, n. [L. urna, to burn.]

Funerary vessel; vase used to preserve ashes of the dead.

us, pron. [OE ús; objective plural of the first person.] (webplay: embrace, endure, face, familiar, person, pity, speaker).

  1. [Inclusive; includes a speaker as part of a group addressing a person in the group] you and me.
  2. [Dual inclusive; includes the speaker addressing one other person or being] you and me.
  3. [Exclusive; includes the speaker and others who are specified] you and me but not him or her.
  4. [Exclusive; includes the speaker and others who are specified] them and me but not you.
  5. [Dual; includes the speaker and another individual] him and me; her and me.

use, n. [AngFr and OFr us.] (webplay: further, hand, me).

Mission; purpose; objective; goal; function.

use (-ed,-s,-ing), v. [OFr user.] (webplay: book, name, stone, wont).

  1. Occupy the duration of; pass the time of; purposely employ during the season of.
  2. Handle; treat; deal with.
  3. Share; wear; give away; fulfill a role; [fig.] experience intimacy; consummate a marriage.
  4. Phrase. “used to”: accustomed to; acclimated to; adjusted to; adapted to.