Lexicon: useless – utter

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useless, adj. [see use, n.] (webplay: name, names).

Vain; unproductive; ineffectual; worthless.

usher (-s), n. [AFr usser.]

Doorman; guide; chamberlain; forerunner; precursor; one who precedes or arrives before another; servant who attends the door of a court or a chamber.

usher (-ed), v. [OFr huisier.] (webplay: stranger).

Escort; guide; admit ceremoniously; act as a harbinger for.

usually (usual), adv. [OFr usual + -ly.] (webplay: men).

  1. Ever; always.
  2. Commonly; habitually; customarily.

usurp (-ed, -s), v. [OFr usurper, seize for use, employ.]

  1. Dispossess; supplant; assume predominance over.
  2. Expropriate; seize; take.

utmost, adj. [OE útemest.]

Furthest; uttermost; highest; greatest.

utmost, n. [see utmost, adj.]

  1. Greatest power; furthest extent; highest degree; greatest effort.
  2. Limit; extremity.
  3. Ultimate; extreme.

utter (-est), adj. [OE útera.] (webplay: pronounced).

  1. Utmost; perfect.
  2. Absolute; excessive; final; extreme.

utter, adv. [OE útor.]

Completely; finally; totally.

utter (-ed, -s), v. [MDu uteren, drive away, speak, show.] (webplay: word).

  1. Speak; pronounce; articulate; put into words; say with a quiet voice.
  2. Pray; plead.
  3. Whistle; call; [fig.] sing; chant; [metaphor] publish; circulate; compose in meter; express in poetry.
  4. Say to; tell to.