Lexicon: unavailable – uncertain

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unavailable, adj. [see avail, v.]

Useless; ineffectual; to no avail; of no benefit; incapable of healing.

unavailing, verbal adj. [see avail, v.]

Futile; refractory; wayward; unhelpful; inaccessible; ineffectual; [word play on “not available”] distant; untouchable; unapproachable; [word play on “vail/veil”] hidden; shrouded; concealing; not unveiling.

unavoidable, verbal adj. [see avoid, v.]

Inevitable; necessary; inescapable; sure.

unbared, v. [see bare, v.] (webplay: ill).

Uncover; make bare; expose to view.

unbereft, verbal adj. [see bereft, verbal a.; Dickinson appears to be using “unbereft” for “bereft”.]

Robbed; empty; void; vacated; abandoned; deprived of fruit; [fig.] sorrowing; grief-struck; overcome by loss; [possibly antithesis between “unbereft” and “gone”] untouched; not deprived; full of fruit.

unblushingly, adv. [see blush, v.] (webplay: modest).

Shamelessly; unabashedly; without embarrassment.

unborn, verbal n. [see born, v.] (webplay: born).

Spirit; bodiless one; being like an angel; person not yet born again; one existing spiritually but not yet resurrected.

unbraid (-ing), v. [see braid, v.]

Uncoil; elongate; undulate; [fig.] relax; unwind; stretch out; [metaphor] basking; sun-bathing.

unbroken, verbal adj. [see broke, verbal adj.]

  1. Smooth; settled; unruffled; undisturbed; not wrinkled.
  2. Untrodden; uninhabited; not claimed; not yet discovered.

uncertain, adj. [see certain, adj.] (webplay: certain, certainty, state, sure).

  1. Aimless; erratic; unpredictable; wandering.
  2. Not sure; without definite knowledge.
  3. Indecisive; not knowing whether; not yet having decided; hovering between two options.
  4. Vague; nebulous; indistinct; puzzling; bittersweet; [fig.] nostalgic.
  5. Indefinite; imprecise; unfixed bounds of; undetermined amount of.
  6. Unseen; not physically manifest; [fig.] spiritual; other worldly.