Lexicon: uncertain – unconjectured

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uncertain, adv. [see certain, adj.]

Timidly; cautiously; tentatively; not confidently; not sure-footed.

uncertainty, n. [see certain, adj.]

Doubt; incertitude; vagueness; sense of confusion.

uncertified, verbal adj. [see certify, v.] (webplay: given).

Not documented; without evidence.

unchallenged, verbal adj. [see challenge, v.]

Undisturbed; undisputed; unquestioned.

unchanged, verbal adj. [see change, v.] (webplay: altered).

Constant; changeless; invariant; unaltered; still the same.

unclaimed, verbal adj. [see claim, v.]

Not attributed; unknown ownership.

uncomely, adj. [see comely, adj.]

Unbecoming; unseemly; unattractive; not appealing.

uncommon, adj. [see common, adj.]

Unusual; extraordinary; unexpected; unanticipated; astonishing.

unconcern, n. [see concern, v.]

Indifference; nonchalance; apathy; lack of feeling.

unconjectured, verbal adj. [see conjecture, v.]

Unimaginable; unfathomable; inconceivable; not comprehensible.