Lexicon: unconscious – underlie

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unconscious, adj. [see conscious, adj.] (webplay: consciousness, consciously, know, power, sense, thought).

  1. Unaware; not realizing.
  2. Asleep; sleeping; slumbering; at rest; [fig.] self-forgetful; not self-conscious.

unconsciousness, n. [see conscious, adj.]

Lack of awareness.

unconspicuous, adj. [see conspicuous, adj.]

Invisible; unseeable; covert; not readily noticed.

uncover (-ed), v. [see cover, v.]

Reveal; revive; discover; bring out.

undecaying, verbal adj. [see decay, v.]

Unchanging; steady; constant; invariable; changeless; unalterable; not diminishing.

undefeated, verbal adj. [see defeat, v.] (webplay: victory).

Unvanquished; unbeaten; [fig.] alive; not really dead.

undepicted, verbal adj. [L. 'portray'.]

Invisible; covert; concealed; hidden; unknown; not shown; not portrayed; [fig.] spiritual.

under, adj. [see under, prep.]

  1. Human; mortal.
  2. Lower; lesser; subordinate; closer to the ground.

under, prep. [OE.] (webplay: over, rule).

  1. Subordinate to; subject to; governed with; controlled by.
  2. Covered by; protected with; kept sacred by means of.
  3. Experiencing; in the process of.
  4. Below; in a position down from; in a lower place than.

underlie, v. [see lie, v.]

Lie underneath; be controlled by; be subjected to.