Lexicon: unfit – ungracious

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unfit (-ted), v. [see fit, adj.]

Make unsuitable; cause to be incongruent.

unfitted, verbal adj. [see fit, adj.]

Unworthy; unprepared.

unfold, v. [see fold, v.]

  1. Disclose; reveal; explain; tell.
  2. Represent; depict; portray; imitate life in art.

unforeseen, adj. [OE foreséon.]

Unexpected; sudden; surprising; not previously known.

unfrequented, verbal adj. [see frequent, adj.]

  1. Rarely traveled; little used.
  2. Plain; undesirable; little valued; lightly esteemed.

unfulfilled, verbal adj. [see fulfill, v.]

Not completed; partially accomplished; left unfinished.

unfurled, v. [see furl, v.]

Opened; understood; exposed.

unfurnished, verbal adj. [see furnish, v.]

  1. Bare; empty; stripped of furniture.
  2. Unprepared; unready; not sufficiently developed.
  3. Self-achieved; not provided by another; obtained through one's own efforts.

ungained, verbal adj. [see gain, v.]

Not reached; not achieved.

ungracious, adj. [see gracious, adj.]

Inhospitable; unfriendly.