Lexicon: welcome – wept

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welcome (-s), v. [OE wilcumian < wilcuma.]

Include; embrace; receive; take in; greet favorably; find acceptable.

weld, v. [OE wiellan, to boil.]

Join; fuse; beat pieces of heated metal repeatedly until they become one piece.

well, adj. [OE wel(l); see will, v.] (webplay: better, gain, good, man, rest, strong, while, whole, world).

  1. Desirable; satisfactory; sufficient; adequate; appropriate; good enough.
  2. Healthy; good.

well, adv. [see well, adj.] (webplay: adequately, advance, done, enough, every where, far, father, fit, fully, gain, good, justly, largest, less, long, Lot, life, liked, man, much, right, said, sin, satisfaction, skillfully, stone, strain, suitably, swell, tight, wave, ways, water, while).

  1. Thoroughly; fully; perfectly; very much.
  2. Skillfully; artfully.
  3. Better; best; pleasing; fortunate; advantageous; wise.
  4. Phrase. “as well/as well as”: also; in addition to; not less than; to the same degree.

well, interj. [see well, adv.; pause marker; exclamation expressing surprise or astonishment; used to introduce a remark or cover a pause.]

Indeed; truly; really.

well (-s), n. [OE wielle < weall-an, boil, bubble up: see wall, v.] (webplay: stone, swell, tight, water, wave).

  1. Spring; stream; flow; swell of emotion; [word play] blessing; goodness; health; well-being.
  2. Vertical excavation; cylindrical hole; pit lined with masonry; underground supply of water.

we'll, pron. [contracted form; see we, pron. and will, v.]

We will.

wend (-ing, -s), v. [OE.] (webplay: pass).

Go; proceed; meander; wander; drift; continue on.

went, v. [see go, v.]

wept, v. [see weep, v.]