Lexicon: we're – wet

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we're, pron. [contracted form; see we, pron. and are, v.]

We are.

were, v. [see was, v. and be, v.]

wert, v. [see was, v. and be, v.]

west (-s), n. [OE west, ON vestr, L vesper, Gk hesperos. Webster says this word may signify decline, fall, or departure, as in L. occidens.] (webplay: decline, East, heavens, star, shore, sun).

  1. Hesperides; mythical land of departed souls; direction towards the Isles of the Blessed; [fig.] afterlife.
  2. Occident; one of the four cardinal directions; direction where the prime vertical meets the horizon; side of the horizon where the sun sets; [fig.] dusk; twilight.

westerly, adv. [ON vestarliga.] (webplay: East, man, sun).

Toward the evening light; in the direction of the occident.

western, adj. [OE.] (webplay: cloud, East, heavens, horizon, man, sun, sunset, wind).

Occidental; Hesperian; pertaining to dusk; situated in the evening light; [fig.] darkening; obscure; fading.

West-Indian, proper n. [see west, adj. and India, proper n.]

Caribbean; like the Indies; pertaining to the area named by Columbus in 1492; characteristic of the beautiful islands between North and South America. [fig.] sunset; the end of the day; passing away.

Westminster, proper n. [see west, adj. + OE mynster < Gk monazein, to live alone.]

Abbey; famous church in London; burial place of great authors; former monastery west of London; resting place of celebrated national figures in England (see ED letters); [fig.] tomb; grave; sepulcher; mausoleum.

westward, adv. [OE westweard < west, adv. + -ward.] (webplay: cloud, earth, man, sets, sun).

Occidental; direction of the sunset.

wet, adj. [OE wæt > OFris wêt.] (webplay: fill, rainy).

Watery; moist; damp; humid; liquid-filled.