Lexicon: we've – wheel

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we've, pron. [contracted form; see we, pron. and have, v.]

We have.

wh (wh'), pron. [contracted form; see which, pron.]


wharf, n. [OE.] (webplay: ships, vessels).

Dock; port; harbor; [fig.] horizon; skyline.

what, pron. [OE hwæt; interrogative and relative pronoun.]

  1. Which statement; [interrogative as a request for information.]
  2. Which things; the kinds of things that.
  3. That which; the thing that.
  4. Which.
  5. Such; [intensifier for exclamatory phrases].
  6. Phrase. “What if”: suppose that; who knows the outcome should it be.

whatever, adj. [OE.]

No matter what.

whatever, pron. [OE hwæt + ever, adv.]

Any thing.

whatsoever, adj. [OE swá hwæt swá + ever, adv.; more formal, poetic, or intensive form of whatever, pron.]

Any one; the one of.

whatsoever, pron. [see whatsoever, adj.; more formal, poetic, or intensive form of whatever, pron.]

That quantity which.

wheat, n. [OE.]

Grain; nutritious kernels; desirable part of a harvest; [fig.] reward; valuable compensation; blessings from God; (see Jeremiah 23:28).

wheel (-s), n. [OE.] (webplay: round, spokes).

  1. Water-powered millstone; revolving wooden rack that converts flowing water into a power source for grinding grain into flour; [metaphor] spinning frame; circular part of a wooden instrument that twists fibers into yarn or thread; [fig.] poetic composition; transformation of thoughts into lines of verse.
  2. Swirl; whirl; eddy; vortex; circular pattern from wind currents; [fig.] ballet slipper; dance steps; toe-dancing movements; fast-moving footwork.
  3. Cyclone; whirlwind; hurricane; funnel cloud; circling tropical storm front.
  4. Existence; outer self; visible behavior; sphere of influence.
  5. Circular frame; rotating ring by which a vehicle progresses forward; rim upon which something can roll forward.
  6. Means of locomotion; instrument of flight through the atmosphere; [word play] transport; ecstasy; exaltation; rapture.
  7. Circle; [fig.] sound waves; resonating ripple of consequences.
  8. Cycle; season; round; cyclical passage of time.
  9. Project; chore; job; habitual task; customary activity.
  10. Oculus; optic; orb; ball; globe; [fig.] round organ of sight.
  11. Circumference; ring supported by points radiating from its center; [metaphor] world; planet; star; universe; heavenly body; [metonymy] carriage; wagon; vehicle; conveyance; means of transportation; [fig.] orbit; round; circuit; circumference; course; destiny; fate; fortune; circular path.
  12. Chariot (see 2 Kings 6:17); [fig.] storm front.
  13. Motor; gear; cog mechanism; [fig.] lift; levitation; elevation; hovering motion; pair of hummingbird wings (see Ezekiel 1:15-16).
  14. Phrase. “Purple Wheel”: night; twilight; dark hours of the day; [fig.] depression; period of doubt.