Lexicon: wheel – wherefore

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wheel, v. [see wheel, n.] (webplay: axis, axle, compass, convey, flies, hand, heav'n, revolves, right, roll, things, shaped, spinning, spokes, turning, whole).

Go; roll; rotate; revolve; orbit; move out on a circular trajectory.

wheeling, verbal adj. [see wheel, v.]

Turning; rotating; rolling; spinning on an axis; seeming to move along a circuit; apparently traveling on a trajectory; appearing to go in a circular path; [fig.] moving majestically in a procession.

whelmed, verbal adj. [OE.] (webplay: seas).

Immersed; wet; engulfed; covered with water; [fig.] crushed; buried; inverted; rolled over; turned upside down; [metaphor] stricken; exhausted; overtaken; overcome; overwhelmed; overpowered; taken away to the next life.

when, conj. [OE.]

  1. In the time that; during the season that.
  2. At the time of.
  3. The moment that; at the time that.
  4. Being; existing as; at the time of being; in a state of being

when, pron. [OE.]

The specific time; chronological frame wherein something will happen.

whence, pron. [OE.] (webplay: facts, from).

Where; what place; which destination.

where, adv. [OE hwár.]

In which location; at what place.

where, conj. [OE.]

At the place which.

whereas, conj. [see where and as.] (webplay: place, something).

Since; because; seeing that; considering that; inasmuch as.

wherefore, adv. [OE.] (webplay: know, reason, why).

Why; for what purpose; by what cause; on what account.