Lexicon: whimper – whist

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whimper (-ed, -ing, -s), v. [Echoic.] (webplay: child, whining).

  1. Whine; cry softly; make noise like an unhappy child.
  2. Mourn; ache; yearn; desire.
  3. Murmur; express emotion.

whine (whining), v. [OE hwinan.] (webplay: came).

Whimper; cry plaintively; complain in a high voice; express discomfort by a shrill cry; [fig.] pine; yearn.

whip (-'s), n. [Partly from whip, v. and partly from MLG wippe (wip) quick movement, moment of time, life for raising a well-bucket or hoisting cargo, lever.] (webplay: away, boy, child, flies, horses, instant, lash, small, suddenly, turning).

  1. Cord; [fig.] flash; flare; blinding light; sudden brightness; [fig.] stroke; quick movement.
  2. Rope; [fig.] ray; beam; stream of light.
  3. Instrument for flogging; wooden handle with long braided strands using for striking; [fig.] shame; chastisement; rebuke which breaks the heart.
  4. Phrase. “Whip lash”: smiting cord; slender braided rope; flexible end of a whip; braided leather strand used for beating; [fig.] quick movement; sudden flash; potential danger; [metonymy] snake; serpent.

whippowil, n. [unknown etymology.]

  1. Summer bird; fowl that sings only in the warm weather season, like an oriole.
  2. Singing bird; [fig.] poet.
  3. Bird capable of many tones, accents, and ranges; [fig.] poet; bard; creative writer.

whirl (-s), v. [ON hvirfla, to turn about, whirl; related to ON hvirfill circle, ring, esp. crown of the head, top, summit, pole of the heavens.]

Spiral; spin; rotate; move in swift circles; glide in the air.

whirr, n. [Da. < Sw. dial. hvirra.]

Hum; gurgle; babble; ripple; vibration; gentle rush; low continuous sound; [fig.] quickening after a thaw.

whisper, n. [see whisper, v.]

Murmur; soft conversation; [fig.] rustle; [metaphor] trace; reminder; shadow; suggestion of life; vestige of existence.

whisper (-ed, -ing), v. [OE.]

  1. Confide; deliver secret messages; convey intimate information.
  2. Converse softly; speak with reverence; talk in sibilant tones; communicate with a subdued voice.
  3. Murmur; [fig.] rustle.

whispering, verbal n. [see whisper, v.] (webplay: caution, together).

Breathy communication; subdued speech; [fig.] telling of secrets; exchange of loving words.

whist, conj. [A natural utterance enjoining silence, such as hist, hush, ist, st.]

“Shhhh”; hush; shush; be still; [onomatopoeia] quickly; with a swish; in an instant; [word play on “whistle”; persona of the poem making a high-pitched sound with the lips and teeth] phew.