Lexicon: whole – wide

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whole, n. [see whole, adj.] (webplay: God, heart, love, precept, total).

  1. Human race; entire world.
  2. Entirety; completeness; sum; totality.
  3. Phrase. “The whole”: everything; all of it; a complete transpiring of events.

wholesome, adj. [OE *hálsum, salutary, healthy; see whole, adj.]

Salutary; healthy; beneficial; [word play] decent; appropriate; proper; suitable.

wholly, adv. [ME hol(l)iche < OE hállíce; see whole, adj.]

Entirely; completely; perfectly; totally.

whom, pron. [see who, pron.; objective case; Biblical in nuance.]

  1. Them; the ones who.
  2. Her; that person.
  3. Who; what; which person; what thing.

whoso, pron. [ME wha swa, hwa se, generalized form of hwa, who.] (webplay: person, whatever).

  1. Whoever; whomsoever; [substitute for the subject].
  2. Anyone; the rare person to whom; [substitute for the object].
  3. Someone who can; anyone who will.

whosoever, pron. [see whoso and ever.] (webplay: ever, person, so, whatever, will).

Whoever; anyone who can; the rare person who can.

why, adv. [OE hwi, hwy.]

  1. By what cause.
  2. How come; for what reason.
  3. For what purpose.
  4. Oh!; Ah!; Aha! [to emphasize a point].

why, n. [OE.]

  1. The reason; the purpose.
  2. Question; inquiry; [fig.] doubt; incertitude; insecurity about death; wondering about the pain of separation.

wick (-s), n. [OE wid.] (webplay: candle, running).

  1. Light source; device for transforming fuel oil into light; slender twisted thread for conveying heat or energy; [metonym] candle; taper; lamp.
  2. Life force; something that allows one to live.
  3. Star; starlight.
  4. Inspiration; insight; wisdom; power; talent.
  5. Love; warmth; spirit; living soul; spiritual condition that makes a house a home.
  6. Life; fragile but glowing presence.
  7. Sundown light; colors of the sunset.

wide (wider), adj. [OE wid.] (webplay: between, broad, certain, far, feet, great, long, narrow, sides, spread, way).

  1. Unbroken; apparently limitless.
  2. Brighter; more brilliant.
  3. Broad; huge; vast; limitless; [fig.] heavenly; eternal.
  4. Bleak; empty.
  5. More comprehensive; more absorbent; more all encompassing.
  6. Open; believing; innocent; without skepticism.
  7. Free; unlimited; without constraint.
  8. Outreach; ambition; extension.
  9. Extensive; lethal.
  10. Inviting; welcoming; available for entrance.