Lexicon: waiting – wall

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waiting, verbal adj. [see wait, v.]

Ready; available; set in preparation.

waiting, verbal n. [see wait, v.] (webplay: accompanying, appointed, change, chose, consequence, days, eyes, flower, lie, rest, surprise, time).

  1. Patience; endurance.
  2. Watch; wake; time remaining; period of time before something important happens; [fig.] night; time before dawn; festival before Christmas when minstrels play music in the streets; [metaphor] mortality; time before the resurrection.
  3. Preparation; maintaining hope; staying in expectation; [fig.] time spent in patient service.

wake, n. [OE 'watch, vigil, eve of a feast'.]

Serenade; divertimento; nocturne song; [fig.] revel; festival; memorial; night-watch; funeral party; watching over the dead; [word play] wave; air current; track left by the passing of a vessel; [word play] North African bird that makes a lot of noise.

wake (-d, -s, waking, woke), v. [OE wæcnan, awake, come into being, and wæccan, watch; see awake, v.] (webplay: airs, art, awake, death, earth, father, gentle, high, just, keep, leaves, life, light, men, meeting, merry, mighty, nature, night, side, sleep, soul, stir, think, time, up, world).

  1. Revive; arouse; move to action; return from a state of inactivity; [fig.] resurrect; change from death to life; cause to arise from the grave; transform from mortality to immortality.
  2. Arise; [fig.] dawn; shine again; cause light; reappear on the horizon; complete the daily solar cycle in relation to the earth.
  3. Stop sleeping; arise from slumber.
  4. Stir; move; [fig.] sing; make noise; produce music.
  5. Stop napping; cease being drowsy; come to one's senses.
  6. Change into; suddenly become; find one's self as.

wakelessness, n. [see wake, v.]

Sleep; slumber; rest; quietus; [fig.] requiem; death; demise; finitude; obliviousness.

waken (-s), v. [see wake, v. and awaken, v.]

Revive; regenerate; spring up; become green; return to life; recover from a state of inactivity.

waking (-'s), verbal n. [see wake, v.]

  1. Arising; ceasing to slumber; [contraction of “waking” + “is”]: waking is; awakening is; [metaphor] reality; consciousness; [fig.] resurrection; renewed life; revival from death.
  2. Becoming conscious; finding one's self; stirring from sleep.

walk (-s), n. [see walk, v.] (webplay: comes, days, down, feet, finds, rapidity, stir).

  1. Circuit; path; track; course; lap; circle; compass; loop; orbit; round; revolution; tour of duty.
  2. Lane; pathway; footpath.

walk (-ed, -s, -ing), v. [OE wealcan; roll, toss; muffle up.] (webplay: affairs, air, changed, Christ, comes, comfort, daily, darkness, dead, differ, distant, down, drive, dry, error, faith, feet, felt, found, gardens, God, hat, high, horse, Hundreds, ignorance, Kingdom, life, live, light, long, manner, men, morning, move, natural, occasion, palace, people, Peter, place, pleasant, pursue, ride, road, roll, running, ship, short, slow, space, spirits, step, starry, stir, streets, subject, think, trees, way, works, word).

  1. Move along; travel by.
  2. Travel; proceed.
  3. Stroll; meander; roam; wander about; [fig.] live on.
  4. Approach; come towards.
  5. Live; exist; reside; dwell; [fig.] rise; be transformed.
  6. Go; move; pass; depart; [fig.] die; fade; perish; pass into the next life.

wall (-s), n. [OE; natural rampart, hill, cliff.] (webplay: builds, danger, houses, men, place, spring, stone, take, water).

  1. Fence; structure enclosing a garden; division between pieces of land.
  2. Side of a building; flat vertical plane in a structure.
  3. Partition; side of a room in a house where pictures are hung as decoration.
  4. Bricks held together with mortar.
  5. Barrier; divider; [fig.] veil.
  6. Surface; [fig.] page; tablet; (see Daniel 5:5).