Lexicon: wincing – wink

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wincing, verbal adj. [see wince, v.] (webplay: back, shrink).

Cringing; flinching; recoiling; hurting; pained; wounded; [fig.] reacting to pricks of conscience.

wind (-s, -'s), n. [OE wind.]

  1. Breeze; atmospheric current; air in motion; [fig.] gale; storm.
  2. Zephyr; air current from one of the four cardinal points of the heavens.
  3. Influence; force; trend.
  4. Spirit; breath; respiration; life.

wind (-ing), v. [OE windan.]

  1. Spin; swirl; whirl; move around and around; [word play on “wind”] blow; gust; drift in currents; surround with breezes.
  2. Twist; enfold; encircle.

window (-s, window pane), n. [ME < ON.] (webplay: air, bread, eyes, glass, light, opening, panes, wall, wind).

  1. Opening; aperture; rectangular wall frame with glass, sash, and pane; square of glass in a building for vision, ventilation, and light.
  2. Eye; eyelid; [fig.] vision; sight.

window pane, n. [see window, n. + pane, n.] (webplay: air, eyes, heaven, leaves, light, opening, panes, sides, wind).

  1. Glass; reflecting surface; [metonymy] house; building.
  2. Lens; access to sight.
  3. Square of glass; transparent surface that allows light to pass.

windy, adj. [see wind, n.]

Stormy; tempestuous.

wine (-s), n. [OE win.] (webplay: awoke, Bread, Burgundy, drinking, intoxication, long).

  1. Sacrament; communion drink.
  2. Drunkenness; intoxication.
  3. Fermented grape juice; fruit-based alcoholic beverage.
  4. Refreshment; sustenance.

wing (-s), n. [ME.] (webplay: air, body, fear, flies, flower, insect, running, petal, stalk, wafted, wind).

  1. Pinion; ala; appendage for flying; bilateral extremity with feathers; two-part arm-like extension that enables fowls to fly; [fig.] tool for seeking truth; means of attaining knowledge; instrument for gaining experience.
  2. Flight; means of locomotion for an insect.
  3. Mobility; means of escape; [fig.] power; ability; nimbleness.
  4. Flutter; flurry; flicker; visible sign of departure; [fig.] hurry; disturbance; wind current; [metaphor] farewell; goodbye; formal leave-taking.

winged, verbal adj. [see wing, n.]

  1. Flying; having pinions for flight; [kenning: “Winged beggar”] bird.
  2. Loose; moving; [fig.] quick; speedy; fast.

wink (-ed), v. [OE wincian < OS; to nod.] (webplay: afraid, light, perfectly, see, sleep).

  1. Blink; flinch; move because of fear.
  2. Flash; twinkle; gesture with a glance; shut one eye as a signal of acknowledgment.