Lexicon: wondering – wooing

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wondering, verbal adj. [see wonder, v.] (webplay: strange).

Inquiring; pleading; appealing; petitioning; [fig.] awestruck; surprised; amazed; [metaphor] open; grateful.

wondrous, adj. [alt. of wonders by analogy with marvellous.] (webplay: fair, new, peace).

Brilliant; exceptional; remarkable; phenomenal; out-of-the-ordinary; [fig.] immense; vast; extensive.

wondrous, adv. [see wondrous, adj.] (webplay: love).

Exceptionally; extremely; exceedingly; excessively; very.

wont, adj. [see wont, n.] (webplay: use).

Phrase. “was wont”: was able to; was accustomed to; was in the habit of; had as a common practice.

wont, n. [see wont, adj.] (webplay: use).

Habit; custom; tradition; practice.

wont, v. [contraction form; see will, v. and not, adv.]

  1. Will not; [auxiliary for a negated action in the third person.]
  2. Phrase. “wont you”: will you not; [negated question for affirmative request] will you please.

woo (-ed, -ing, -s), v. [Late OE wóasgian.] (webplay: court, love, song).

Court; solicit the love of; entreat romantic favor; [fig.] appeal; apply; persuade; petition; request; plead; supplicate.

wood (-s), n. [OE; often plural in form.] (webplay: anemone, bind, bound, composes, figure, fire, house, land, light, principal, roof, sere, thick, trees, worm).

Forest; timberland; area covered with trees; grove that is dark, mysterious, and solitary; region that is full of different kinds of tall plants and wild animals; area that undergoes a great transformation in spring; [fig.] sunset.

wooden, adj. [see wood, n.] (webplay: echo, house, stone).

  1. Timber; lumber; plank; split log; with boards.
  2. Board-like; stiff; spiritless; unenthusiastic; hollow; [fig.] emotionless; unable to feel.

wooing, verbal n. [OE; see woo, v.]

Courtship; love affair; romantic suit; [fig.] way to kill; cause of death.