Lexicon: worm – worst

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worm, n. [OE wyrm.] (webplay: arts, color, ends, find, smaller, something, spirit, wind, woody).

  1. Maggot; insect larvae that feeds on a corpse.
  2. Caterpillar; larval stage of a moth; [metonymy] butterfly.
  3. Small soft-bodied creeping creature with multiple feet.
  4. Pest; subterranean burrowing creature.
  5. Grub; small wingless insect; [fig.] meal; piece of food.
  6. Earthworm; [fig.] dragon.
  7. Phrase. “Angle Worm”: live bait used for fishing; (see angle, n. and angleworm).
  8. Phrase. “Glow Worm”: firefly; lamperyd; lightning bug; male coleopterous; winged insect that emits light from its abdomen; flying worm that radiates a phosphorescent pulse of light; [fig.] falling star; meteor flash.

worn, v. [see wear, v.]

worn, verbal adj. [see wear, v.]

  1. Old; scuffed; weathered; well-used; no longer new.
  2. Visually smaller; optically diminished.
  3. Used up; physically reduced; lesser in quantity; decreased in size by frequent use.
  4. Faded; blurry; dimmer; darker; less bright.

worry (worried), v. [OE wyrasgan, kill, strangle, throttle.]

Fret; chafe; trample; wear out; rub constantly; [fig.] tire; fatigue; weary; trouble; bother with incessant attention.

worse, adj. [Comparative suppletive form for bad, adj.; OE wyrsa < OHGr werran, entangle, confound.]

More negative.

worship, n. [OE weorðscipe.] (webplay: God, prayer).

Vespers; hymn; psalm; evensong; evening rosary; solemn ritual; religious service; communion with the divine; [fig.] poem; creative work.

worship (worshipped), v. [ME worþscipien.] (webplay: adore, extravagant, mountain, service).

  1. Silently adore; revere quietly; venerate without words; praise instead of petitioning; give thanks for blessings without asking for anything further.
  2. Praise; adore; idolize; revere; venerate; honor; glorify.

worshipping, verbal n. [see worship, v. + -ing.]

Prayer; petition; praise; reverie; homage; daily piety; customary devotion; act of reverence; [fig.] poetry.

worst, adj. [Superlative suppletive form for bad, adj.; see worse, adj.]

Most negative.

worst, n. [see worst, adj.]

Most negative thing that can happen; [fig.] terror; death.