Lexicon: wound – wren

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wound, n. [OE wund.] (webplay: arm, hurt, tree).

Hurt; injury; trauma; suffering; damage.

wounded, verbal adj. [see wound, n.]

Injured; maimed; harmed; broken; intentionally damaged by a hunter; [fig.] grieving; suffering; heart-broken.

wove, v. [see weave, v.]

woven, v. [see weave, v.]

wrap (-s), v. [of obscure origin.] (webplay: cover).

Cover; enclose; enfold; envelop; shroud.

wrath, n. [OE wræððu < wráþ, wroth.]

Anger; ire; desire for vengeance; self-righteous indignation.

wreck, n. [OFr wrec.] (webplay: broken, grass, land, shore, rocks, ruins, vessel).

  1. Accident; calamity; disaster; emergency; damaging incident; devastating crash.
  2. Battered ship; destroyed sea vessel; [fig.] tragedy; catastrophe; break-down; death blow; severe disappointment.

wreck (-ed, -eth, -s), v. [see wreck, n.]

  1. Strand; sink; submerge; bring down.
  2. Drown; inundate; deluge; destroy by flood; overwhelm with precipitation.
  3. Tear; demolish; lay waste; make desolate; [fig.] refute; rebut; contradict; discredit verbally.
  4. Ruin; spoil.
  5. Disturb; disrupt; interrupt.
  6. Overtake; land upon; come ashore on; spill over onto.

wrecked, verbal adj. [see wreck, v.]

  1. Stranded; ruined; broken; sunken; submerged; brought down; [fig.] lost.
  2. Drowning; sinking.

wren (-s), n. [OE wrenna.] (webplay: bird, small).

Small bird of the genus Motacilla.