Lexicon: wrench – wring

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wrench, n. [OE wrenc < OHGr. renki, twist, sprain.]

Tool used for twisting metal work; implement with jaws for gripping and turning.

wrench (-ed), v. [OE wrencan, twist, turn.]

Twist; strain; force; turn.

wrenching, verbal n. [see wrench, v.]

Confiscation; grabbing; wresting; violent seizing; taking away by force; [fig.] removing from mortality by death.

wrest, v. [OE wræstan.]

Wring; extract; draw out forcefully; take by a twist of the wrist; [fig.] extort; demand.

wrestle, n. [see wrestle, v.]

Struggle; effort; attempt; fight; push; [fig.] sob; choking.

wrestle (-d, -ing, -s), v. [OE.] (webplay: men, Strife, throw, word).

  1. Grapple; engage in a physical contest with the arms, legs, and torso; (see Genesis 32:24); [fig.] argue; debate; contend in words; reason together; have a vigorous dialogue.
  2. Labor; strive; endeavor; make an effort; [fig.] engage in creative work.
  3. Drive; push forward; move vigorously.
  4. Struggle; try to survive; attempt to stay alive; fight to avoid drowning.
  5. Interact; engage; compete.
  6. Phrase. “wrestle with”: suppress; subdue; ward off; try to avoid.

wrestler (-s), n. [OE.] (webplay: men).

  1. Gymnast; athlete; strong man; [fig.] hero; champion; protagonist; (see Genesis 32:24); [metaphor] mortal; child of God; son of Isaac; [Hebrew 'qbh, > Jacob] heel-catcher; supplanter; usurper; one who circumvents another.
  2. Movement; motion; [fig.] river; current; stream; swiftly moving water.

wretch, n. [OE.]

Criminal; villain; outlaw; convicted felon; [fig.] poor soul; miserable person.

wretched, adj. [see wretch, n.]

Miserable; pitiable; pathetic.

wring (wrung), v. [OE wringan.]

  1. Exhaust; deplete of water; remove water by squeezing.
  2. Twist; torture emotionally.
  3. Extract; distill; press out; draw forth.
  4. Clasp together; clench with a turning motion.
  5. Squeeze; constrain; strangle.