Lexicon: wrinkle – wrote

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wrinkle (-s), n. [obscure origin, possibly a backformation of wrinkled, adj.] (webplay: crease, face, small).

  1. Crack; crevice; rut; furrow; groove.
  2. Crease; line; grimace; [fig.] sign; mark; evidence of pain.
  3. Corrugation; fold of skin; line on the skin caused by aging.

wrinkle (-d), v. [see wrinkle, n.]

  1. Make to have ridges; caused to have lines.
  2. Make rough; cause a ripple in.
  3. Contract; constrict; make a furrow; move from side to side like a snake; [fig.] move quickly.

wrinkled, verbal adj. [see wrinkle, n.]

  1. Worn; scratched; puckered; dried out; having grooves; [fig.] old.
  2. Aged; elderly; feeble; decrepit.
  3. Weathered; convoluted; [fig.] wintry.
  4. Decomposed; desiccated; [fig.] dead.
  5. Creased; puckered; corrugated; having folds.

wrist (-s), n. [OE wrist < wriðan.] (webplay: joint).

Articulation; groove; connection point; space below a knob; decorative narrowing of a wooden fence.

writ, v. [see write, v.]

write (writ, written, writing, wrote), v. [OE writan.] (webplay: author, letters, play).

  1. Mark; label; designate; specify; trace; delineate.
  2. Inform; report; record; register; account; score.
  3. Pen; compose; inscribe.
  4. Correspond with; send a message to; communicate with on paper; [fig.] make verse for; compose a poem for.
  5. Name; identify; compile; prioritize on paper.
  6. Engrave; carve as letters; set in stone.
  7. Record; collect; copy; transcribe.

writer, n. [OE wrítere < writan.]

Correspondent; composer of words; [fig.] poet.

wrong, adj. [OE wrang < ON *wrangr, awry, unjust.]

  1. Incorrect; not accurate; off time; out of synchrony.
  2. Unjust; unfair; inequitable; not right; [fig.] unacceptable; unbearable.
  3. False; irregular; deceptive; unorthodox; misleading; capable of error; able to lead astray; [fig.] unpredictable; capricious.

wrong, n. [see wrong, adj.] (webplay: dealing, do, due, injure, judges, justice, man).

  1. Offence; fault; error; breach of law; cause for punishment.
  2. Injustice; unfairness; miscarriage of justice.

wrote, v. [see write, v.]