Lexicon: wanton – warming

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wanton, adj. [ME < wan- + OE tèon, to discipline, train).] (webplay: boys, enemy, nature, pleasure, sport, sportive).

Frolicking; sportive; indulgent; unrestrained; excessive.

wanton (-ed), v. [see wanton, adj.]

Toy; dally; diddle; rove; ramble; trifle; deal with carelessly; play with in an unrestrained manner.

war (-s), n. [Late OE wyrre; OHG werra, confusion, discord, strife.] (webplay: army, best, embattled, man, turn).

  1. Confrontation; [fig.] blood-red sunset; clash of hues; contrast of intense colors.
  2. Battle; violent combat; [fig.] mortal wound; death blow.
  3. Contest; debate; argument; contention; disputation; disagreement; [fig.] vigorous interaction; competitive relationship.
  4. Struggle; fight; conflict; [fig.] trial; personal challenge; difficult experience.

warble (-d), v. [North-eastern OFr werbler, werbloier.] (webplay: sound).

Sing; resonate; utter melodiously.

warbling, verbal adj. [see warble, v.]

Singing; uttering melodiously.

wardrobe, n. [OFr warderobe, var. of garderob.]

  1. Apparel; clothing; attire; garments.
  2. Clothing; robe; [metonymy] body; embodiment; incarnation; corporeal presence; physical manifestation in the flesh.

ware (-s), n. [OE waru; often appears in plural form.]

Merchandise; goods; products; dishes; pieces of fine, delicate China.

warm (-er), adj. [OE.] (webplay: blood, bloom, Busy, cold, heart, life, little, lost, summer, sun, warm, winter, work, youth).

  1. Comfortable; cozy; at an appropriate temperature; [fig.] alive.
  2. Summery; not cold; gently hot; well above freezing in temperature.
  3. Covered; sheltered from the cold; [fig.] safe; comforted; soothed; [metaphor] positive; hopeful.
  4. Sunlit.

warm (-ed, -ing, -s), v. [see warm, adj.] (web play: head, interest, mutual).

  1. Revive; restore; resurrect; resuscitate; return to life; raise from death.
  2. Greet; accept; receive; clasp in welcome.
  3. Congratulate; honor; give happiness to; please by compliments.
  4. Phrase. “Warmed them”: got heat for themselves; increased their body temperature; [with reflexive pronoun.]

warming, verbal adj. [OE.]

Radiant; [fig.] friendly; welcoming; comforting; soothing.