Lexicon: weak – weary

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weak, adj. [ON. veik-r, corresponding to OE wác, yielding, not rigid or firm, pliant.]

Feeble; without conviction; lacking physical strength; not having confidence.

weak, adv. [see weak, adj.]

Timidly; without courage.

weakness, n. [see weak, adj.] (webplay: failing, faith, force, impregnated, strength, understanding).

Feebleness; lack of physical strength; want of moral conviction.

wealth (-s), n. [ME welþe < wela, weal, well + -th, on the analogy of health.] (webplay: day, estate, happiness, men, possessions, riches, richly, worldly).

  1. Affluence; opulence; prosperity; riches.
  2. Greed; idolatry; pride; vanity; worldliness.
  3. Abundance; luxury; privilege; [fig.] food; imperatives; life sustenance; bare essentials; richness of being; fullness of experience.
  4. Compassion; empathy; friendliness; hospitality.

wealthier, adv. [see wealth, n.]

More heavily; with a deeper cover.

wealthily, adv. [see wealth, n.]

Abundantly; fully; bountifully; richly; [fig.] joyfully; enthusiastically; spiritually.

wealthy, adj. [see wealth, n.]

Rich; treasure-laden; [fig.] colorful.

wear (-ing, -s, wore, worn), v. [OE.] (webplay: affect, appearance, arms, away, bear, better, breast, body, book, coat, cross, crown, displeased, first, High, idle, lessen, life, man, most, night, off, old, out, pass, possibility, slow, smile, time, white, youth).

  1. Exhibit; show.
  2. Bear; endure.
  3. Have access to; be furnished with.
  4. Impair; waste; diminish; consume; use up; wear out by use.
  5. Carry; present; have as clothing; bear on one's person.

weariness, n. [see weary + -ness.]

Exhaustion; fatigue; state of being tired; [fig.] pall; grief; sadness; weight of sorrow.

weary (wearied, weariest), adj. [OE.] (webplay: fatigue, harass, life, mind, patience, tire, tired, toil, way).

Tired; fatigued; heavy with sleep; [fig.] droopy; falling; sinking.